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Discover the prefect dog park

with real-time information

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Project Overview

DogZone is a must-have app for all dog owners, helping you find the best dog park experience with real-time data on park population and social features for your furry friend.


Limitations on taking dogs to the park

Some dog owners encounter challenges in bringing their dogs to unfamiliar or crowded locations due to various reasons, such as puppies who are not yet vaccinated or dogs who do not get along with other dogs.

Lack of available apps to locate dog parks

Due to the lack of dog park finder apps that can facilitate the discovery of suitable locations, it can be difficult for them to plan their outings and ensure their dogs have a fun and safe experience at the park.


Simplify your search for nearby dog parks with an efficient app with real-time information.
Get real-Time information
  • The app provides critical information about the dog park, such as the number of dogs currently in the park, how well they get along with other dogs and who are the owners.

Chat with other dog owners
  • The app enables users to chat with other dog owners, whether they are in the park or not, to learn more about their dog, the parks nearby and even to plan a playdate together.

Design methology



Competitors research

During the research phase, I analyzed dog park finder apps, which provided these 3 available apps:



Dogs 'n' Parks

These apps provide features such as maps, park descriptions, and reviews, and the ability to search for dog parks by location. However, social media features seem to take precedence over practical park information. Only one app provided dog information, but it was difficult to find. The upcoming table shows the pros and cons of each app.

ComptApp3 - Sniffspot.png
ComptApp2 - Dogs 'n' Parks.png

After analyzing the available dog park finder apps and comparing their features, the following key insights were gathered:

  • There is a limited number of dog park finder apps available in the market.

  • Existing apps prioritize social media features over practical information about the dog park.

  • Only one app provides online information about the dogs in the park, but it is not user-friendly or easily accessible.

In conclusion, there is a clear need for a dog park finder app that prioritizes practical information about the dog park and creates a more user-friendly experience.

User Research

To gain a better understanding of the needs and preferences of dog owners, I conducted a quantitative survey with 60 participants who own at least one dog. I chose this method since it allowed me to gather a large amount of data quickly and efficiently. With this data, I was able to identify patterns and trends in the behavior and preferences of dog owners, which helped inform the design of the app.

“I wish there was a way to know what to expect before going to the dog park."


Take their dogs to the park at least once a week


One of the leading factors in choosing a dog park is the proximity to the place of residence


Reported feeling anxious or worried about their dog's safety in a new or crowded park


After conducting thorough research on existing competitors and gathering user feedback, several key insights have emerged regarding dog park finder apps:

  • Dog owners prioritize practical information about the park's facilities and social environment when searching for a dog park finder app.

  • Features that allow users to see the number of dogs currently in the park and chat with other dog owners in the park are highly valued.

  • Many existing dog park finder apps focus too much on social media features and neglect providing practical information about the park.

  • There is a significant opportunity for a dog park finder app that prioritizes practical information and user-friendly features.

These insights can help guide the development of a new dog park finder app that better meets the needs of dog owners, providing a more practical and enjoyable experience for both dogs and their owners.

User Persona


  • To find new dog parks where Max can play and meet new dog friends

  • To get information about the dog park before arriving

Sarah Green

Age: 28
Occupation: HR Manager

Her Story

Sarah adopted Max, a vibrant German Shepard who trained as a guard dog, and now struggles to socialize with unfamiliar dogs at the park.

Pain Points:

  • Not enough free time to make long and distant search for suitable dog park.

  • She worried that Max will get into uncomfortable situations with other dogs.

Information Architecture

This illustration showcases the Information Architecture of the app, which involves organizing and structuring content to support the users' tasks and goals.

The best method used was a hierarchical structure, with a clear and simple navigation system.

Ideas and decisions made include grouping related content together, using descriptive labels for navigation, and creating a visual user flow to map out the overall structure of the app.

IA d2.png

Ideation process

After obtaining a general idea of the user's tasks, I began the design process.


I started by sketching low-fidelity wireframes for the main pages. This method helped me visualize the app's layout and structure.


After completing the initial sketches and ensuring they met the necessary requirements, next step was to create and improve those wireframes using Figma.

Working on the wireframes allowed for a more detailed visual representation of the app's structure and layout.

Final Design

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Image to mock3.png
Image to mock4.png
Image to mock6.png
Image to mock7.png
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